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Wix Studio VS Wix Classic Editor

Updated: Jun 3

As Wix experts, we are often asked what the difference is between Wix Studio and Wix Classic Editor. And why are they priced differently? We decided to explain the basics here.  So if you are interested in learning the difference keep reading and check out our example of the same site built on both editors below!

First let’s discuss the Wix we all know and love, Wix Editor. This is a ‘classic’ Wix. User friendly, uses a drag-and-drop interface and has come a long way since the old flash wix sites from back in the day (circa 2008). This creates attractive, adaptive, websites that most DIY users find they can use (for those that don't we are here for you!) Wix Classic editor offers templates and themes to choose from and premade sections and strips to help with the building process for newbies. The mobile version of the site pulls off the desktop and changes do not cascade down like in Wix Studio. 

Now let’s discuss Wix Studio. Wix Studio was rolled out in 2023 with innovation and creativity as the forethought (we were chosen to receive early access to studio) Studio is designed for professional web developers to allow them the perfect space for creativity, functionality, and customization in a responsive editor. Wix studio gives us a full canvas versus the classic editor which has strict gridlines we need to work with, allowing us pros to build you a cool immersive experience rather than a more boxy look.  Wix Studio does come with amazing templates and prebuilt sections for anyone wanting to give it a try, it will require more advanced understanding of website design and breakpoints even with the templates. We can now edit the website at standard and customized breakpoints with wix studio so that your site looks the best it can on all devices! Studio has more animations, and design tools and is constantly updated with new features and apps. Once the site we build you is completed you can update all your content and elements through a special “content mode” Editor which retains the design elements. It's a Really neat new feature our clients love! These are some of the reasons the hosting plans for Studio cost more than the classic editor it's a more robust tool. 

Here is the same website built on both editors for our client Agilist Canada Inc


Now that you know the difference, which one is right for you? 

Let's chat more about which Wix Editor is right for your project and how we can help you build your website! Book a free consultation with us today.


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