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Wix Studio: New Responsive Editor Comes to Wix!

Wix Studio offers a new advanced and intuitive platform for us professionals to create exceptional sites for you! Studio was released earlier this year, we were one of the chosen agencies to receive access first and have been busy learning and playing with all our new tools. These websites are for those client's who want more out of the design and free's us from the Gridlines of the Wix Classic editor. The classic editor has served us well and will continue to do so for projects that are more static than dynamic in design. Saying good bye to adaptive only websites has been a long time coming with Wix! Although these sites will be more challenging for client's to update themselves ( we do have some new tools to make editing accessible to client's) we aim to keep editing in the client's hands, therefore never relying on us to maintain your website (we do love doing that tho!)

We look forward to offering Wix Studio websites in the coming months

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