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Meet our Wix Icon Sheryl Rose!

Sheryl Rose, Web Designer and co-creator of Asher + Rose Studios. 

Sheryl is a former photographer born and raised in Oklahoma. Her passion for digital design was discovered during her photography career. Wanting to make a website to show off her work was the beginning of a new career path for Sheryl. After completing her website and then helping friends and family with their websites, Sheryl discovered her passion for web design.

Creating thoughtful and beautiful designs to help small businesses was her true passion. With two years of formal education in graphic design and years of self-taught experience, she turned to Shannah (co-creator of Asher + Rose) to mentor her in the world of web design. 

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one." - William Shakespeare

Sheryl’s favorite type of website to design is creative-styled sites like photographers, artists, etc. Being able to use her past photography creative mindset and combine it with her passion for website creation is her most fulfilling type of work. Creating eye-catching designs and animations are her favorite parts of creative website designs.

Sheryl is motivated by pure love for her work and too many cups of coffee. She lives at home with her 3 rescue dogs. Bear Daisy and Scruffy are Sheryl’s entire world; when she isn’t working she can be found cuddled up with them watching Stranger Things or reading! 

Here are a few fun facts about Sheryl Rose:

  • She was on Star Search when she was 18 years old

  • Her favorite food is ice cream

  • Her dream vacation would be to get to explore Croatia

  • She can’t live without the internet (relatable) 

Her advice for anyone trying to start a small business, or break into their industry is to stay organized, save all those tutorial videos you find, never turn down education, and get yourself a mentor! Never stop learning.

Check out some of Sheryl’s work here:


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