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A Wix Expert Design Studio
  • Writer's pictureShannah Asher

Meet our Wix Legend Nayeli Gomez aka Code Queen!

Nayeli Gomez, Code Queen and Wix Velo Developer for Asher + Rose Studios.

Nayeli Gomez is from Kansas, US and has been working with websites since 2010 and coding since 2017. She is self-taught, and throughout the years has gained various certifications with Wix. Wix has also given her awards such as Wix Ambassador, Wix Expert, WixCode Masters Leader, and Wix Legend Top Agency.

While Nayeli was teaching herself to code she noticed the lack of education around coding and realized this was her opportunity to help others in her community of coding. This is when she decided to create tutorials for beginners on YouTube. She was the first person ever outside of Wix to create and upload Wix Code tutorials.

Nayeli has won the Ada Lovelace Technology Award for women. She has also been recognized by worldwide companies, such as Weglot, Ecwid, Pabbly, Book Like a Boss, KPI Bees, Wisernotify, and even multi-billion dollar company Wix.

"I love teaching, but I love learning even more. So if I can teach what I learn, I am happy."

Nayeli’s favourite type of website to design is anything that has to do with databases and code. Especially intricate multi-layered logic websites where there are a lot of conditions and logic flows. Planning, designing and coding these advanced websites are her true passion and nothing beats the feeling of solving a complex coding issue!

While coding is a huge part of Nayeli’s life it’s not everything! That spot is specifically reserved for her two kids, her teenager Aaliyah and the newest edition to her family Matheo! Naps with her newborn are currently her favourite part of the day (who doesn’t love baby snuggles!). Singing along to musicals in the car with her daughter is another one of her favourite hobbies.

Here are a few fun facts about Nayeli Gomez:

  • She loves to walk in local marathon events.

  • She can not live without jigsaw puzzles, tetris-style games, and any brain games.

  • If she could travel anywhere in the world she would want to visit Alaska or Antarctica to find penguins.

  • Her favourite holiday is Christmas!

Her advice for anyone trying to start a small business, or break into their industry is, just like anything else in life, it won't be easy. But if you have the passion --- then don't let anyone deter you from reaching your goals.

Want to see some of Nayeli’s work? Check out her website here!


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