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Miscellaneous Pages You Might Be Missing On Your Website

Creating a website is hard, we get it! It can get overwhelming during the building process to try and remember everything you need. Sometimes you don’t realize you are missing pages until months after your site is live. Trust us this is normal! You don’t build a website every day and for most of you, it’s probably the first website you are building, and that’s okay! We are here to help. Here are 10 pages you might be missing from your website!

FAQ page - This is incredibly important to not only have but also ensure it is in an easy-to-spot location on your site. Especially if your inbox is getting flooded with the same questions over and over. It’s also great for SEO!

Privacy page - A privacy policy page is SO important if you are collecting personal information and data from people. Ensure this page is clear with your intention and covers your entire business. We have templates and can help customize your privacy policies for you.

Terms and Conditions of Website Use - While the above protects the people using your site, this page will protect you and your business. You have the right to ban anyone from your website and make sure they are aware of that. This is extremely crucial for people such as photographers (use of photos), people with members-only areas like forums, e-commerce websites and more. All websites should have a general T&C, we help with this too!

Shipping and Delivery (e-commerce sites) - Always make your shipping and delivering pages are easy to use, and completely clear. Not having a page dedicated to this, or having hard to find information can create customer frustration if their requested return is outside of your policies.

Booking Policies (booking sites) - A booking policy page is crucial for your website to clarify terms, cancellation policies, and payment details, fostering trust with customers. It sets expectations, minimizes disputes, and establishes transparent communication, enhancing user experience and business credibility.

Refunds, Exchanges and Returns (where applicable) - Some people have pretty intensive or limited refund, exchanges, and return policies. If this is you, let’s make a page to detail the process and what the limitations are to prevent future customer disputes.

Glossary of terms (great for SEO and websites with heavy content) - Not only is this page great for things like SEO, but it is also another way to help your clients better understand your business industry language. It saves you and your client time asking and answering questions.

Cookies - Website cookies are small text files stored on users' devices by websites. They hold data like user preferences, login info (not to your Wix account this is for websites with member areas), and browsing history, enhancing user experience. Our website has a cookie banner so you can make an informed decision on your cookie acceptance.

Complaint Policy (where applicable) - Getting direct feedback from the people using your website is the best way to improve your site. Complaint policies can look different for every business but are especially important for businesses such as charities and non profit organizations.

Contact Us Page - This is a page where people can get a hold of you and your site saves their information for you to contact them back. This is often the most used page and funnily enough the most forgotten. They don’t need to be fancy, just provide all your basic contact details and a form to submit. What’s most important is your communication time back once they contact you.

These are the most common pages that people forget to add to their websites! Pro-tip: write down all the pages you need and do your research beforehand. Having a checklist while you are making your site will do you wonders and save a lot more time. Make this checklist as detailed as possible! Bookmark this page so you can come back to this list later!

If you have an existing site that requires these pages get in touch with us through our website



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