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Landing Page VS A Website

A question we often get is that I already have a website so why do I need a landing page? Or what the heck is a landing page? Is there a difference between a landing page and a website? Yes. There is actually a huge difference between landing pages and an actual website. Let’s explore the two!

A Website is composed of a bunch of different pages encouraging people to click through and read the pages. These pages for example could be the home page, about us, products pages, blogs, FAQ, contact us, etc. All of these pages are under the same umbrella and the same domain name. The purpose of a website is to tell visitors more about the person or business and encourage them to stay and read. A successful website will see good click ratings, low bounce ratings, and high traffic on all pages.

A Landing Page is a hidden page within your website. This single page on your site encourages people to act with the use of a single-use “Call to Action”. This action can be anything from signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, buying a product, etc. A landing page is where a client or customer will “land” after clicking a link in an ad, email, social media, etc. The purpose of this type of approach is not to give information, it is to make leads or customers. A successful landing page will see good conversion rates for either generating leads or acquiring customers by keeping visitors focused on the call to action. Tips like hiding the header and footer on these pages are something we recommend doing to keep the user focused on that important CTA.

In the age of social media and emailing newsletters, having a landing page to help convert those leads to customers is essential to your business. Gaining your follower's trust is what you are doing on social media, on your website, and in your email newsletters. The landing page is there when they are ready to pull the trigger and work with you!

Website Lingo can be tough to navigate, the words can seem complex and overwhelming. But we are here to help! This is our third website lingo-specific blog, to help others better understand the ins and outs of the world of website building. Check back again soon for more terms and tips for your website!



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