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Exploring the Top 3 Most Common Types of Websites: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know there is more than one type of website? Every business and person is unique, your website should be too! Today we are going to talk about the 3 common types of websites we build on wix each offering a different approach! In this blog, we will break down microsites, classic websites, and business sites examples of these sites are: e-commerce/bookings/custom workflows for your business. We will show examples of websites we have built for clients for each of the 3 mentioned in this blog post.

Please remember as you read this that we offer free discovery calls as each of your needs are unique. Sometimes projects are a hybrid model of different aspects of the 3 mentioned in this blog post. Do you have a current website and are thinking about a Redesign or Renovation?

  1. Micro-Website

Considering a micro-site? Or maybe you’ve never heard of them! Micro-sites are perfect for getting your  basic information and presence online with a call to action for your client. These are great for startups, small businesses such as notary services where the call to action is a simple contact form or connected third party calendar (not wix bookings app). They are also a great option for advertising an event or campaign, for musicians to get their music out, we have even built them for couples RSVP for their weddings!  Typically micro-sites are around 3 pages, sometimes they are a well thought out 1 page long scroll. They provide the purpose of being user-friendly, informative, and a get-to-the-point style.  There are no special features or apps that go into Micro-sites so it makes them budget friendly,  commonly ranging from $700-$1000 depending on if it is built with Wix Studio or Wix Classic Editor.

Check out our examples of a micro website built on wix classic editor below:

2. Classic Website

Classic websites are the ones people normally think of when they decide they need a site. These are the most common of sites and can provide a lot more in terms of pages and features than a microsite can offer. Classic sites are anywhere from 5 to 20 pages long, and offer features such as (but not limited to); blogs, forms, portfolios, music, galleries, and more. We recommend having your brand in place before we start building a classic site for you,  so that the site can cohesively blend with your brand. If you don’t have  brand identity or don’t know where to start we can help! Because of the more involved nature of classic sites, their budgets can usually range from $1300-$3000, this range can vary depending on your needs and whether we build on Wix Studio or Wix Classic editor.  Classic sites are perfect for anyone that needs/wants more from their online presence and website design. Some of our classic site clients are  musicians, photographers, business professionals, fitness instructors.

Check out our examples of a classic website below

3. Business/Advanced Websites

These projects are completely custom to your business needs and do not have restrictions on page amount or feature use. They are perfect for e-commerce/bookings/any function heavy needs. Business sites allow you to add features like; payment portals, third-party apps, CMS, online programs or open up the world of velo coding plus so much more! These are great for any business that wants their website working and are established in their workflows and business practices.  Business sites are custom to each client which makes it impossible to give accurate ranges of pricing, if you are interested in a business site quote please contact us for a free discovery call!

Check out our examples of a business website below:

You made it to the end! Let's talk!

A consultation is the best way to decide which website (or hybrid of sites) is right for you! During your free discovery call, we will discuss your needs, budgets, business, our process and project expectations. At the end of the call we will let you know if we would like to proceed in a quote if you are interested in working with us too!

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Do you have a current website and are thinking about a Redesign or Renovation?


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