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Business Website

Project type

Business Website /Design / CMS / Dynamic Pages /Custom Form


AMAZING! The best experience ever. I'm so happy with my website. Shannah worked with my flexible schedule and really took the ball and ran with it. I didn't have to give her much direction and she created a masterpiece! I will always go to Shannah for any future web dev work in the future. Highly recommended!

Team Member

Shannah Asher

Guesthaus came to us with a brand guide and creative freedom (we love that!) our client was very collaborative in the review process and felt that his input was executed " to perfection".

This project evolved from a micorsite into a full-fledged business site. Once the client saw the amazing tools and functions that could be utilized to provide the best experience for his users there was no going back! It also adds data collection features and showcases his properties beautifully.

We look forward to growing the site as the client grows.

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