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Leave your updating to us! Why maintenance packages can take the stress out of your website updates.

So you have your website built, that is amazing! The first step to a successful business in 2024 is having a solid, easy-to-use website that shows who you are. However are you aware that you need to keep up with monthly maintenance on your website to ensure it is functioning at the highest capacity?

Websites are quite similar to vehicles, meaning they need regular maintenance to keep them in working order. Some of these servicing tasks include but are not limited to; website updates, email support, submitting support tickets to Wix, SEO, ad marketing, etc. These are small changes to your website that require attention almost monthly. They can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating when you are handling maintenance on top of running a business and trying to enjoy life! 

This is exactly why we came up with monthly maintenance packages and bulk retainers. These plans are specifically designed to help you delegate tedious tasks over to us, so you can focus on your business. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself (we know how hard of a habit this is to quit). 

Monthly Packages: 

We offer 4 different types of monthly plans for website maintenance. This is to help guarantee we are meeting everyone’s individual needs and budgets. Our packages range anywhere between $75-$200/monthly and offer different tiers of monthly support. Monthly packages can also be customized to offer more personalized support that is specially designed for your business and website. A monthly package is a great option for anyone who already has a website and is tired of keeping up with it consistently. 

Bulk Retainers:

Bulk retainers are more complex than regular monthly maintenance. We offer two versions of the bulk retainer packages, one valid for 12 months and one that never expires. These packages offer tasks like; blog posts, new forms, updating CMS, project planning/consulting, access to new Wix tools not yet released, and more! These packages are perfect for our clients who require heavy updating and or project planning. 

Website maintenance is so important, especially for small businesses. People often decide whether to work with you or not based on the quality of your website, and if it is not regularly maintained it could lead to loss of potential clients. Let us help you get back to your favourite parts of the business and we handle the back end stuff! 

Contact Asher + Rose Studios to discuss your updates!

Here's an example of how we help a client with her online programs and navigation


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