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Custom E-Commerce Project - DVD Auto Parts


April 2023



Project Type



Collective Member

Sheryl Rose


5 Stars
Jake dvd
Feb 19, 2024

Sheryl Rose was a huge help and went out of her way to make my website exactly how i wanted it, with a search bar!! very thankful for all the time and mind she put into this!! highly recommend Avani Digital Studios!

This project highlights Sheryl's first E-Commerce website and she did amazing! This project highlights her work in creating a custom designed store for an auto parts client, providing a seamless and user-friendly platform for their customers to purchase products online. The client wanted a great search system and custom review form. This store required Sheryl to create a new custom .CSV from the client's pre-existing excel sheet. Utilizing all the areas possible in the native Wix Stores app she was able to create a beautiful and functional user experience to shop for the speciality parts this client provides. With our collective expertise in creating custom E-Commerce solutions, Sheryl was able to tailor a unique and efficient online shopping experience for our client and their customers.

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