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Classic Website Design - Body Freedom

Project type

Classic Web Design


October 2023

Team Member

Sheryl Rose


Wisconsin, USA

Emily came to us needing a website for her new journey of fitness and nutrition coaching. She wanted a one page long scrolling site and had her branding ready to go. Getting content from Emily was a breeze and Sheryl was able to finish this site quickly and we launched on October 30th! View the live site below!

Using her branding colors, I designed a fairly simple layout with some gradient designs and and a couple of custom elements based on some of the content Emily sent me. The whole vibe of the site is fun and reflects the personality of the coach but also conveys a clear message of what she offers. I used a gallery for her before and after photos and she'll be able to update those easily whenever she needs to. We also made sure to have plenty of CTA's (call to actions) so that her clients can easily book their consultation.

Emily loved her site and it was such a fun site to build. Emily was a pleasure to work with!

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