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  • What is an e-Commerce Website?

    So you’ve decided to enter into the world of e-commerce? Congratulations! That is a huge step in a new direction and we are here to give the rundown on everything you need to know before selling your products online! First, we need to learn about payment portals. Payment portals are a way to collect payments online for your products. A lot of new e-commerce clients come to us not knowing they need payment portals so we wanted to start with this. Payment portals have many different payment options as well, there are such things as pay-later that allow your customer to make monthly payments rather than one large sum. Paypal is a common portal and while it is great for customers, you do need to consider that it is a customer-preferred portal. Should your customer request a refund for whatever reason, 99% of the time PayPal does side with the customers rather than the sellers. Next, we need to do some research into shipping (if you deliver your products virtually then you can skip this part). Shipping is complex and can be costly especially internationally. This is why before launching any products you need to research and calculate the shipping. If you are creating the product and handling the shipping yourself through postal services make sure to constantly keep an eye on the postal office pricing and always buy in bulk when it comes to flat rate boxes so you are getting the best deals. Are you a print-on-demand business, do you have a shipping service provider? These are all need-to-know things to have before launching your products. Now that our payment portals and shipping are taken care of it’s time to launch right? Not quite! Just having products readily available for purchase on your website is step one. Step two is to make sure that people are finding your products! This involves a custom SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) for your business and a solid marketing plan. This marketing plan should cover organic traffic through keywords and website ratings, paid ads on social media and Google, and organic traffic through social media. E-commerce is not just about adding products to your website and taking off (if that is something you would rather do we suggest a company like Etsy!). Having the freedom of owning your e-commerce store is a lot of setup and requires careful consideration, but in the long run will be the most customizable option for you, your customers, and your business! We hope that providing these 3 key points that many new E-commerce hopefuls miss in their planning will help you keep on track to launch your new store! If you need help with your e-commerce business set up a free consultation with our experts! Book your FREE consultation here

  • Miscellaneous Pages You Might Be Missing On Your Website

    Creating a website is hard, we get it! It can get overwhelming during the building process to try and remember everything you need. Sometimes you don’t realize you are missing pages until months after your site is live. Trust us this is normal! You don’t build a website every day and for most of you, it’s probably the first website you are building, and that’s okay! We are here to help. Here are 10 pages you might be missing from your website! FAQ page - This is incredibly important to not only have but also ensure it is in an easy-to-spot location on your site. Especially if your inbox is getting flooded with the same questions over and over. It’s also great for SEO! Privacy page - A privacy policy page is SO important if you are collecting personal information and data from people. Ensure this page is clear with your intention and covers your entire business. We have templates and can help customize your privacy policies for you. Terms and Conditions of Website Use - While the above protects the people using your site, this page will protect you and your business. You have the right to ban anyone from your website and make sure they are aware of that. This is extremely crucial for people such as photographers (use of photos), people with members-only areas like forums, e-commerce websites and more. All websites should have a general T&C, we help with this too! Shipping and Delivery (e-commerce sites) - Always make your shipping and delivering pages are easy to use, and completely clear. Not having a page dedicated to this, or having hard to find information can create customer frustration if their requested return is outside of your policies. Booking Policies (booking sites) - A booking policy page is crucial for your website to clarify terms, cancellation policies, and payment details, fostering trust with customers. It sets expectations, minimizes disputes, and establishes transparent communication, enhancing user experience and business credibility. Refunds, Exchanges and Returns (where applicable) - Some people have pretty intensive or limited refund, exchanges, and return policies. If this is you, let’s make a page to detail the process and what the limitations are to prevent future customer disputes. Glossary of terms (great for SEO and websites with heavy content) - Not only is this page great for things like SEO, but it is also another way to help your clients better understand your business industry language. It saves you and your client time asking and answering questions. Cookies - Website cookies are small text files stored on users' devices by websites. They hold data like user preferences, login info (not to your Wix account this is for websites with member areas), and browsing history, enhancing user experience. Our website has a cookie banner so you can make an informed decision on your cookie acceptance. Complaint Policy (where applicable) - Getting direct feedback from the people using your website is the best way to improve your site. Complaint policies can look different for every business but are especially important for businesses such as charities and non profit organizations. Contact Us Page - This is a page where people can get a hold of you and your site saves their information for you to contact them back. This is often the most used page and funnily enough the most forgotten. They don’t need to be fancy, just provide all your basic contact details and a form to submit. What’s most important is your communication time back once they contact you. These are the most common pages that people forget to add to their websites! Pro-tip: write down all the pages you need and do your research beforehand. Having a checklist while you are making your site will do you wonders and save a lot more time. Make this checklist as detailed as possible! Bookmark this page so you can come back to this list later! If you have an existing site that requires these pages get in touch with us through our website

  • Landing Page VS A Website

    A question we often get is that I already have a website so why do I need a landing page? Or what the heck is a landing page? Is there a difference between a landing page and a website? Yes. There is actually a huge difference between landing pages and an actual website. Let’s explore the two! A Website is composed of a bunch of different pages encouraging people to click through and read the pages. These pages for example could be the home page, about us, products pages, blogs, FAQ, contact us, etc. All of these pages are under the same umbrella and the same domain name. The purpose of a website is to tell visitors more about the person or business and encourage them to stay and read. A successful website will see good click ratings, low bounce ratings, and high traffic on all pages. A Landing Page is a hidden page within your website. This single page on your site encourages people to act with the use of a single-use “Call to Action”. This action can be anything from signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, buying a product, etc. A landing page is where a client or customer will “land” after clicking a link in an ad, email, social media, etc. The purpose of this type of approach is not to give information, it is to make leads or customers. A successful landing page will see good conversion rates for either generating leads or acquiring customers by keeping visitors focused on the call to action. Tips like hiding the header and footer on these pages are something we recommend doing to keep the user focused on that important CTA. In the age of social media and emailing newsletters, having a landing page to help convert those leads to customers is essential to your business. Gaining your follower's trust is what you are doing on social media, on your website, and in your email newsletters. The landing page is there when they are ready to pull the trigger and work with you! Website Lingo can be tough to navigate, the words can seem complex and overwhelming. But we are here to help! This is our third website lingo-specific blog, to help others better understand the ins and outs of the world of website building. Check back again soon for more terms and tips for your website!

  • Exploring the Top 3 Most Common Types of Websites: A Comprehensive Guide

    Did you know there is more than one type of website? Every business and person is unique, your website should be too! Today we are going to talk about the 3 common types of websites we build on wix each offering a different approach! In this blog, we will break down microsites, classic websites, and business sites examples of these sites are: e-commerce/bookings/custom workflows for your business. We will show examples of websites we have built for clients for each of the 3 mentioned in this blog post. Please remember as you read this that we offer free discovery calls as each of your needs are unique. Sometimes projects are a hybrid model of different aspects of the 3 mentioned in this blog post. Do you have a current website and are thinking about a Redesign or Renovation? Check out our blog post! Micro-Website Considering a micro-site? Or maybe you’ve never heard of them! Micro-sites are perfect for getting your  basic information and presence online with a call to action for your client. These are great for startups, small businesses such as notary services where the call to action is a simple contact form or connected third party calendar (not wix bookings app). They are also a great option for advertising an event or campaign, for musicians to get their music out, we have even built them for couples RSVP for their weddings!  Typically micro-sites are around 3 pages, sometimes they are a well thought out 1 page long scroll. They provide the purpose of being user-friendly, informative, and a get-to-the-point style.  There are no special features or apps that go into Micro-sites so it makes them budget friendly,  commonly ranging from $700-$1000 depending on if it is built with Wix Studio or Wix Classic Editor. Check out our examples of a micro website built on wix classic editor below: Beneficial Bookkeeping - Micro-site Unified Horsemanship- Micro-site Wedding RSVP Micro-site 2. Classic Website Classic websites are the ones people normally think of when they decide they need a site. These are the most common of sites and can provide a lot more in terms of pages and features than a microsite can offer. Classic sites are anywhere from 5 to 20 pages long, and offer features such as (but not limited to); blogs, forms, portfolios, music, galleries, and more. We recommend having your brand in place before we start building a classic site for you,  so that the site can cohesively blend with your brand. If you don’t have  brand identity or don’t know where to start we can help! Because of the more involved nature of classic sites, their budgets can usually range from $1300-$3000, this range can vary depending on your needs and whether we build on Wix Studio or Wix Classic editor.  Classic sites are perfect for anyone that needs/wants more from their online presence and website design. Some of our classic site clients are  musicians, photographers, business professionals, fitness instructors. Check out our examples of a classic website below Pacific Light Photos - Classic Website Errol Rubenstein - Classic Website Scaled Agile Framework - Classic Website (Wix Studio) 3. Business/Advanced Websites These projects are completely custom to your business needs and do not have restrictions on page amount or feature use. They are perfect for e-commerce/bookings/any function heavy needs. Business sites allow you to add features like; payment portals, third-party apps, CMS, online programs or open up the world of velo coding plus so much more! These are great for any business that wants their website working and are established in their workflows and business practices.  Business sites are custom to each client which makes it impossible to give accurate ranges of pricing, if you are interested in a business site quote please contact us for a free discovery call! Check out our examples of a business website below: Narrative Interiors - Business Site Justin Flunder - Business Site Food Bank BC - Business Site Diana Jimenez Fitness - Business Site Social Aspect- Advanced Business Website w/ Velo You made it to the end! Let's talk! A consultation is the best way to decide which website (or hybrid of sites) is right for you! During your free discovery call, we will discuss your needs, budgets, business, our process and project expectations. At the end of the call we will let you know if we would like to proceed in a quote if you are interested in working with us too! Get started with a free discovery call! Take me there. Check us out on Facebook! Asher + Rose Studios Do you have a current website and are thinking about a Redesign or Renovation? Check out our blog post!

  • Do I need a website Redesign or Renovation? 

    Website lingo and services can be confusing, and overwhelming! We are always getting inquiries for one thing, but during consultations it’s revealed that the client actually wants something completely different. This issue is exactly why we have decided to add a website lingo breakdown to our blog posts! Check back for more terms and definitions later in our series. Starting off our new segment we are talking about the difference between a Redesign or a Renovation. Yes there is a big difference between the two! In plain and simple terms, if you think of your website like a house, a rebuild would be taking out walls, adding rooms, changing the physical layout. Whereas a redesign of a house is changing the design, the furniture, the aesthetic, the vibes of the house. Website Redesign: This can be anywhere from (but not limited to) changing up the site with new branding or theme, updating photos and content and updating the visual aspect of the overall website. This service keeps the bones of the website but refreshes it like repainting and redesigning the interior rooms of your home. Website Renovation: This is where new pages, removing old ones, changing the structure or the "bones" of the website comes into play. A rebuild is a bigger project, and requires more time and effort to complete. Rebuilds do involve design improvements but we have worked on sites where the client retains their original design and we build out the new parts. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out your website’s needs: Is my branding new or out of date but I like my website? Yes? Time for a redesign! Is my layout clear and easy to use? No? Time for a renovation! Are my visuals and my content consistent with my business today? No? Time for a redesign! Is my website outdated or on another platform? Yes? Time for a renovation Redesigns and Renovations can work beautifully together to completely revamp an old site, but doing them separately can also meet the needs you are seeking for. An example of a combo is a big project we did last year for Food Banks BC . This started out as a redesign but turned into a combo of build and design. Why did it change? The client wanted to develop new areas for their partner campaigns, donations and impact campaigns, which resulted in us rebuilding the structure, navigation, flow of content and call to actions for the website. We also worked on a private members only resource area their Foodbank members could log into as well as a public resource area. Wix Content Management System is a powerful tool that we used heavily in this project. While Redesigns and Renovations work well together and they sound similar the two services are vastly different. This is why we always make sure to have in-depth consultations with our clients and break down the terms of every service. This prevents any miscommunication, and makes sure that the expectations are clear. If you are in need of some website help please book a free consultation with us and we will make sure to assist you in a clear, professional, and timely manner! Book Your Consultation Here

  • Leave your updating to us! Why maintenance packages can take the stress out of your website updates.

    So you have your website built, that is amazing! The first step to a successful business in 2024 is having a solid, easy-to-use website that shows who you are. However are you aware that you need to keep up with monthly maintenance on your website to ensure it is functioning at the highest capacity? Websites are quite similar to vehicles, meaning they need regular maintenance to keep them in working order. Some of these servicing tasks include but are not limited to; website updates, email support, submitting support tickets to Wix, SEO, ad marketing, etc. These are small changes to your website that require attention almost monthly. They can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating when you are handling maintenance on top of running a business and trying to enjoy life! This is exactly why we came up with monthly maintenance packages and bulk retainers. These plans are specifically designed to help you delegate tedious tasks over to us, so you can focus on your business. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself (we know how hard of a habit this is to quit). Monthly Packages: We offer 4 different types of monthly plans for website maintenance. This is to help guarantee we are meeting everyone’s individual needs and budgets. Our packages range anywhere between $75-$200/monthly and offer different tiers of monthly support. Monthly packages can also be customized to offer more personalized support that is specially designed for your business and website. A monthly package is a great option for anyone who already has a website and is tired of keeping up with it consistently. Bulk Retainers: Bulk retainers are more complex than regular monthly maintenance. We offer two versions of the bulk retainer packages, one valid for 12 months and one that never expires. These packages offer tasks like; blog posts, new forms, updating CMS, project planning/consulting, access to new Wix tools not yet released, and more! These packages are perfect for our clients who require heavy updating and or project planning. Website maintenance is so important, especially for small businesses. People often decide whether to work with you or not based on the quality of your website, and if it is not regularly maintained it could lead to loss of potential clients. Let us help you get back to your favourite parts of the business and we handle the back end stuff! Contact Asher + Rose Studios to discuss your updates! Here's an example of how we help a client with her online programs and navigation

  • Business Leadership Website built on Wix Classic Editor

    Justin is a passionate leadership trainer/consultant who needed his website to represent his extensive training and expertise in his industry. His original website was very outdated, congested with content, poor navigation which took you through circles and dead ends but most importantly it didn't reflect the professional and personal attributes Justin brings to the table. Have a look at the screenshots below. Keep in mind I only show a few pages, Justin's site had 20+ pages , this was a big job|! We worked together to curate his content into a streamlined flow where everything made sense and has a purpose. I helped him do this by copying over (yep we help you make sense of the mess) all of his written content into a shared google doc, tagging him in comments and assigning homework. Here are some before shots! The final site has a cohesive brand message, purposeful navigation, organized content, clear Call to Actions and new functionality built with CMS and Dynamic pages as well as the Wix Booking app for his seminars. Check out the live site here and contact us at to discuss your business website project. 5.0 Star Review Justin Flunder Jan 5, 2024 View Project I had the pleasure of working with Shannah and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only was she fast and efficient, but her flexibility and personable nature made the entire process a breeze. Shannah truly went above and beyond to bring my vision to life. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a talented and dedicated web designer.

  • Classic Website Design | Fitness Trainer

    Diana was launching her fitness training business and wanted her clients to be able to schedule their consultation right there on her site. She also needed multiple pricing plans to cover all of her various training packages. Using her branding colors, Sheryl went to work designing a seamless booking system, pricing plans for her many diverse training options and appealing visuals and movement throughout the site. Diana provided loads of photos, so she did not have to use any stock imagery. Everything came together smoothly and before we knew it, we were ready to launch! Not only does she now have a beautiful, custom fitness trainer website that portrays her passion and her services, but using Wix allows her to run her entire business right from her dashboard. Wishing Diana luck in her new venture!

  • Classic Website Design | Body Freedom Coaching - A Fitness website

    Emily came to us needing a website for her new journey of fitness and nutrition coaching. She wanted a one page long scrolling site and had her branding ready to go. Getting content from Emily was a breeze and Sheryl was able to finish this site quickly and we launched on October 30th! View the live site below! Using her branding colors, I designed a fairly simple layout with some gradient designs and and a couple of custom elements based on some of the content Emily sent me. The whole vibe of the site is fun and reflects the personality of the coach but also conveys a clear message of what she offers. I used a gallery for her before and after photos and she'll be able to update those easily whenever she needs to. We also made sure to have plenty of CTA's (call to actions) so that her clients can easily book their consultation. Emily loved her site and it was such a fun site to build. Emily was a pleasure to work with!

  • Example of our Website Updates & Maintenance

    Sarah came to us needing help in making her Online Programs more user friendly for her clients. Although Sarah did a wonderful job designing her website, it was a bit overwhelming with the wealth of knowledge she has provided, and navigating the purchase of an online program was causing some confusion. After a complete site audit was done, we moved forward and Sheryl helped Sarah get her programs set up with the proper settings so they would be easy to find for both first time clients and previous clients who have already purchased a program. She also created a few more call to actions, cleaned up a few areas where the alignment was off, and connected Google Console. By making these changes, we were able to make the programs more visible without taking away from the amazing teachings on the site. The navigation is more clear and current clients will have no problems finding the programs they're in. Sheryl and Sarah have continued their working relationship and she helps her with website updates and maintenance such as design changes, adding pop-ups, creating automations, and much more. View Live site!

  • Wix Studio: New Responsive Editor Comes to Wix!

    Wix Studio offers a new advanced and intuitive platform for us professionals to create exceptional sites for you! Studio was released earlier this year, we were one of the chosen agencies to receive access first and have been busy learning and playing with all our new tools. These websites are for those client's who want more out of the design and free's us from the Gridlines of the Wix Classic editor. The classic editor has served us well and will continue to do so for projects that are more static than dynamic in design. Saying good bye to adaptive only websites has been a long time coming with Wix! Although these sites will be more challenging for client's to update themselves ( we do have some new tools to make editing accessible to client's) we aim to keep editing in the client's hands, therefore never relying on us to maintain your website (we do love doing that tho!) We look forward to offering Wix Studio websites in the coming months

  • Non Profit Wix Website: Food Banks BC Project

    Avani Digital Studios was proud to be selected as the agency to work on this non profit wix website project and member area development. Food Banks BC is a Non Profit agency that governs and fundraises for 160 Food Banks and Food Insecurity programs across British Columbia, Canada. This project included a full website redesign using a brand guide and assets provided by illo Creative Alliance, new structure and pages, custom CMS and Members Area. Building this wix website with custom CMS features was a labor of love! During the website redesign process our client's made the important decision to work on 'branding refresh the results from illo Creative Alliance were phenomenal! Shannah worked with the new assets and quickly started executing a clear, crisp design. In a mobile forward world much care was given to the mobile version. Ensuring quick navigation through the site to the important call to actions and design continuity along the way. This site was built on the wix classic editor which has it's limitations in responsiveness (as we all painfully know) but some tricks were used to offset logo watermarks. The client really wanted a secure and custom members area that housed documents for download to their Food Bank members. Member pages/ Repeaters with CMS was set up to build out this new members portal. With the challenges we were faced with during this build, we got creative with workarounds as the client didn't want to get into custom Velo coding at this time for show/hide features for some of the Dynamic Pages. We do love offering coding to our client's but understand that can't always be in the budget, Shannah is very knowledgeable in Wix and can usually find a workaround. Interested in knowing more about this, or any of our projects? Book a complimentary consultation and let's get talking about your Wishlist items today!

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