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Seamlessly Migrate Your WordPress Website to Wix. Boost Your Recruiting with an Integrated Job Board

Seamlessly Migrate Your WordPress Website to Wix and Boost Your Online Recruiting with an Integrated Job Board

Paul and his team wanted to get away from Wordpress and migrate their website data and rebuild on the Wix platform. They had many reasons for the migrations but the main factor being the ease of updating it themselves. Their old site was very outdated, not mobile friendly, a lot of repetitive content, poor navigation, images that did not reflect their business and very slow loading time. Built in the wix classic editor, we slimmed down the site pages, cleaned up their fonts, matched the color scheme to their logo, selected new imagery (combined free and paid stock) and added their new Job Board. The new site has a clear message and call to action with some subtle transitions to bring in the text and fade out the photos. The Job Board functions with CMS and does not have any coded features, if the client wishes to create more custom features down the road we can code this in. The client was very happy with the results and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

"Great job I have another website I would like to talk to you about, thank you Shannah" - Paul Mc Caul - VP Helpfast Works

image of the home page for Helpfastworks

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